Introduction to the Modern Greek language: The Greek alphabet, elementary vocabulary, basic nouns and adjectives, syntax, the three genders, the present tense and the stem of the simple past tense.

Introducing more vocabulary and training students to hold simple conversations pertaining to everyday life situations. Emphasis on practicing the simple past tense and the tenses formed from its stem.
Prerequisite: GR 101 or consent of the instructor.

Gradual introduction of complex vocabulary, intensive oral practice to make the students capable of expressing themselves in more sophisticated issues. Emphasis on conjunctions and the middle-passive verbs.
Prerequisite: GR 102 or consent of the instructor.

Intensive teaching of advanced vocabulary by means of literary and non-literary texts.
Prerequisite: GR 201 or consent of the instructor.

Enhancing the students' level of reading and listening comprehension skills and training them to produce samples of writing in Greek.
Prerequisite: GR 202 or consent of the instructor.

The reading of Greek prose from literature, the press, the internet, and the like. Basic elements of the history of the Modern Greek language and literature, its relation to the Ancient Greek language